Resolution for the New Year

December 22, 2017
Now that the new year is approaching and we’re all thinking about our goals for 2018, how about resolving to read a few more books this year? And the best way to know if you are actually reading or listening to more books is to track your reading. Lots of options are available, from recording your books in a journal or keeping a spreadsheet on a computer, to using one of the free tools available on the Internet such as library or book site apps that do the recording for us.  Here’s two ideas:
  1. Set up your free account and a reading goal for the year ahead. If you think you can read one book a month, set your goal at 12 books. Then create a list of the books you would like to read from their massive database of titles. Mark a book as Currently Reading when you start and mark it Read when you are done so Goodreads can apply this title to your yearly reading goal. You are also encouraged to rate the title and add a review for others to browse. Goodreads is also a handy place to find titles that you want to read so you can borrow a copy from your local library!
  2. Designed for children and teens, this program and free IOS app allows users to build a wish list of books they want to read, track their reading and even browse the wish lists of their friends to find books they want to read.  Wish lists can be shared with family and friends (for possible gift giving) and the app even allows users to write reviews on books they’ve read. 
And for local news: mark your calendars for the start of Storytime at the Neepawa Library, which begins once again on Friday, January 19th for pre-school age children and their caregivers. We’re looking forward to another series of entertaining books and crafts to inspire imaginations!
“The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you.”  –W. Somerset Maugham
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