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The Glenboro/South Cypress Library that you know today was first opened on May 27th, 1964 and was situated in the Glenboro Village Office as a branch of the Lakeland Regional Library.

On January 2, 1979, the Glenboro/South Cypress Library terminated its association with Lakeland Regional, and became a branch of the Western Manitoba Regional Library.

Another big change for the Glenboro/South Cypress Library was in the summer of 1987 which saw a 20 foot extension added to the building that we are housed in today, giving us a grand total of 1152 sq. ft.

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105 Broadway Street
PO Box 429
Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0
+1 (204) 827-2874 None

Home Service

Are You Stuck at Home? Need Something to Read?
One service provided by the Glenboro/South Cypress Library that not many people know about is Home Visits. If you are a person who resides within the town of Glenboro and are unable to venture to the library, I am willing to bring library materials to you. All you need to do is give me a call at the library and answer a few questions pertaining to the types of material that you are looking for.

February is I Love to Read Month

I Love to Read Month
February is I love to Read Month in Manitoba! So why not throw a few little twists into your reading ventures.  This month the library will be offering a blind date with a book.  Pop by and you will find different books all wrapped up in paper. A clue will be provided to give you an idea of what each particular book is about.

Glenboro Library

Two topics for you this month . . .
  • OverDrive Welcomes Libby 
Are you having issues with OverDrive? Don’t fret! OverDrive has developed a new and easier to use app called Libby. All you have to do is download Libby onto your tablet or device and re-enter your library information. Libby is available from the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft depending on your device. All of your loans will automatically be transferred from Overdrive over to Libby.

Twas the Night Before Christmas . . . Holiday Writing Contest

Holiday Writing Contest
Looking for a little distraction from the craziness of the holiday season? The Glenboro/South Cypress Library is holding a writing contest with a little holiday twist.

Canadian Library Month

Canadian Library Month
What do libraries mean to you? Would you believe that there are many who would argue that libraries serve no purpose at all? They believe that libraries should be done away with altogether, as they see them as a waste of money and resources that could be used somewhere else. To these individuals, libraries are seen as just a place that stores dusty old books.

Summer Programs

Hello Everyone!
Summer is upon us once again, which means that it is time for summer programming here at the library! This year we have a variety of clubs and contests for all ages. For the adults we have the Adult Summer Reading Club where participants are invited to submit reviews on the books they have read and will be eligible to win a prize! Reviews can be submitted to or at their local library branch.

St. Patrick's Day

Hope you'll be wearing green, because on Friday March 17th we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your kids?

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105 Broadway Street
PO Box 429
Glenboro, MB R0K 0X0
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