The Western Manitoba Regional Library completed the term of its first ever Strategic Planning Document at the end of 2017; this document was a three year plan for the years 2014-2017.   Appointed to the position of Chief Librarian in the fall of 2012, I oversaw the development and execution of the strategic goals of this plan.

Libraries are not just books

Libraries Are Not JUST Books!
Did you know that the library has a lot more to offer you than just books? Don’t get me wrong books are amazing little bundles of paper that can transport you through time and space into different worlds with intriguing and wonderful characters; but that is not all that the library has!

Freedom to Read Week & New Contest

Freedom to Read Week & New Contest
February 25 to March 3 is Freedom to Read Week at the library. It is at this time that we encourage all Canadians to think about what it means to have the right to read whatever material we choose. Intellectual Freedom is something we should all be grateful for. 
Congratulations to the winner of the I Love to Read Month Crossword Puzzle!

Home Service

Are You Stuck at Home? Need Something to Read?
One service provided by the Glenboro/South Cypress Library that not many people know about is Home Visits. If you are a person who resides within the town of Glenboro and are unable to venture to the library, I am willing to bring library materials to you. All you need to do is give me a call at the library and answer a few questions pertaining to the types of material that you are looking for.

Library Update

Library Update
I listen to audiobooks. Sure, I could read books…if I had time to sit and read without interruptions. Or, I could read in the car…if I wasn’t driving! I love listening to audiobooks because when I cannot pick up a book to read, I can still enjoy stories that take me to interesting places with diverse characters who make awkward mistakes or take on adventures that are beyond my abilities.

February is I Love to Read Month

I Love to Read Month
February is I love to Read Month in Manitoba! So why not throw a few little twists into your reading ventures.  This month the library will be offering a blind date with a book.  Pop by and you will find different books all wrapped up in paper. A clue will be provided to give you an idea of what each particular book is about.

Take a Book on a Blind Date

Neepawa Library Update
January 26, 2018
Love is in the air at the Neepawa Library! February is “I Love to Read” month and we love to introduce readers to new authors and titles, so once again we’re offering Blind Date With a Book! We have a number of books wrapped in paper to hide the title and author name. You pick one or two, take them home, and enjoy!

Reading and Writing Programs for all ages

Reading and Writing Programs at the Brandon Public Library
      First up, we have Baby Time. This fun, casual program is designed for infants (under 18 months) and their caregivers. Running for four consecutive Tuesdays from 10:15 to 10:45 am, Baby Time consists of simple rhymes, bounces, and activities. A library staff member gently leads caregivers through the program.

Glenboro Library

Two topics for you this month . . .
  • OverDrive Welcomes Libby 
Are you having issues with OverDrive? Don’t fret! OverDrive has developed a new and easier to use app called Libby. All you have to do is download Libby onto your tablet or device and re-enter your library information. Libby is available from the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft depending on your device. All of your loans will automatically be transferred from Overdrive over to Libby.