Canadian Library Month

Canadian Library Month
What do libraries mean to you? Would you believe that there are many who would argue that libraries serve no purpose at all? They believe that libraries should be done away with altogether, as they see them as a waste of money and resources that could be used somewhere else. To these individuals, libraries are seen as just a place that stores dusty old books. They don’t see how a library can be vital to a community.
Libraries are a hub of information vital to a democratic country such as ours. Patrons are privy to varying opinions, which allows them to explore differing ideas and provides them with an all-encompassing view of any given topic. We aim to enrich the minds of Canadian citizens and provide them with the necessary tools that promote literacy, lifelong learning, cultural awareness, intellectual freedom, the freedom of expression, and the ability to function in our democratic society.
The month of October has been declared Canadian Library Month, with this year’s theme being ‘A Visit Will Get You Thinking.’ What will you discover by using your library card?
The Glenboro/South Cypress Library is open Tuesday through Friday 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.