WMRL - Connecting Communities since 1967

Library Bookshelf and Tablet

The Western Manitoba Regional Library (WMRL) was officially opened on August 17, 1967 when the communities of Brandon, Carberry, and North Cypress connected to form a regional library system.

An excerpt from the 1967 Annual Report:

"The year 1967 has been a good year and an exciting year. What was merely a dream in the past finally became a reality in 1967 when the Western Manitoba Regional Library was created with the Brandon War Memorial Public Library as Main Library and headquarters for the region and the Carberry/North Cypress Library as its first branch. August 17 being the formal opening of the Carberry/North Cypress branch, it meant increased activities in the Brandon headquarters during the preceding summer months. The processing of newly acquired books necessitated the hiring of three casual clerical workers for three months, and during this period, the physical facilities of the headquarters were taxed to the utmost. All available shelving space and book space were used, and the work area in the basement was crowded with books and clerical staff. Everyone worked with admirable zeal knowing that soon there would be a bigger clientele to use the library services."

--Respectfully submitted; G.S. Dimaculangan, Chief Librarian (1967-1982)