Canada 150 Reading List

Canada celebrated its 150th birthday on July 1, 2017.  One way to join in the celebrations is to read books by Canadian authors.  The list of titles that follows is a selection of books written by Canadian authors that are available for loan from the Western Manitoba Regional Library. The list is divided into the categories of Fiction, Poetry, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Non-Fiction.  Copies of the list are available at all branches of the WMRL.  How many have you read?


1 Adamson, Gil The Outlander
2 Alexis, André Fifteen Dogs
3 Anderson-Dargatz, Gail Turtle Valley
4 Armstrong, Kelley City of the Lost
5 Atwood, Margaret The Handmaid’s Tale 
6 Badami, Anita Rau The Hero's Walk
7 Baldwin, Shauna Singh What the Body Remembers
8 Balogh, Mary A Matter of Class
9 Barclay, Linwood No Time For Goodbye
10 Bergen, David The Time in Between
11 Birdsell, Sandra The Russlander
12 Boyden, Joseph The Orenda
13 Catton, Eleanor The Luminaries
14 Cayley, Kate How You Were Born
15 Choy, Wayson The Jade Peony
16 Clarke, Austin The Polished Hoe
17 Coady, Lynn The Antagonist
18 Cohen, Matt Elizabeth and After
19 Coupland, Douglas Generation X
20 Crummey, Michael Galore
21 Davies, Robertson The Deptford Trilogy
22 Deverell, William Street Legal: The betrayal
23 DeWitt, Patrick The Sisters Brothers
24 Donoghue, Emma Room
25 Edugyan, Esi Half-blood Blues
26 Endicott, Marina Good to a Fault
27 Fallis, Terry The Best Laid Plans
28 Ferguson, Will 419
29 Fielding, Joy See Jane Run
30 Findley, Timothy The Wars
31 Florence, Elinor Bird's Eye View
32 Francis, Brian Fruit
33 Galloway, Steven The Cellist of Sarajevo
34 Gibb, Camilla Sweetness in the Belly
35 Glover, Douglas H Elle
36 Gowda, Shilpi Somaya Secret Daughter
37 Gowdy, Barbara The Romantic
38 Griffin, Harold Three Letters to Pine River
39 Hage, Rawi De Niro's Game
40 Hay, Elizabeth Late Nights on Air
41 Highway, Tomson Kiss of the Fur Queen
42 Hill, Lawrence The Book of Negroes
43 Holeman, Linda The Linnet Bird
44 Hopkinson, Nalo Brown Girl in the Ring
45 Hunter, Aislinn The World Before Us
46 Ignatieff, Michael Scar Tissue
47 Itani, Frances Tell
48 Johnston, Wayne The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
49 Kay, Guy Gavriel Ysabel
50 King, Thomas Green Grass, Running Water
51 Kinsella, W.P. The Fencepost Chronicles
52 Lam, Vincent Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures
53 Lansens, Lori The Girls
54 Laurence, Margaret The Stone Angel
55 Lawson, Mary Crow Lake
56 Léveillé, J.R. The Setting Lake Sun
57 Lindberg, Tracey Birdie
58 Lyon, Annabel The Golden Mean
59 MacDonald, Ann-Marie Fall on Your Knees
60 MacIntyre, Linden The Bishop's Man
61 MacLennan, Hugh Two Solitudes
62 MacLeod, Alistair No Great Mischief 
63 Martel, Yann Life of Pi
64 McClung, Nellie Sowing Seeds in Danny
65 McEwan, Ian Nutshell
66 McKay, Ami The Birth House
67 McLean, Stuart Vinyl Café Diaries
68 Michaels, Anne Fugitive Pieces
69 Mistry, Rohinton A Fine Balance
70 Montgomery, Lucy M. The Blythes Are Quoted
71 Morrissey, Donna Kit's Law
72 Munro, Alice Runaway: Stories
73 Nawaz, Saleema Bone and Bread
74 Ondaatje, Michael In the Skin of a Lion
75 O'Neill, Heather Lullabies for Little Criminals
76 Onstad, Katrina Everybody Has Everything
77 Pullinger, Kate The Mistress of Nothing
78 Ricci, Nino Lives of the Saints
79 Richards, David Adams Mercy Among the Children
80 Richler, Mordecai Barney's Version
81 Robinson, Eden Monkey Beach
82 Russell, Craig Fragment
83 Saucier, Jocelyne And the Birds Rained Down
84 Selvadurai, Shyam Funny Boy
85 Shields, Carol The Stone Diaries
86 Stevens, Chevy Still Missing
87 Stone, D.K. Edge of Wild
88 Taylor, Patrick Irish Country Doctor series
89 Thien, Madeleine Certainty
90 Thúy, Kim Ru
91 Toews, Miriam A Complicated Kindness
92 Urquhart, Jane Away
93 Vanderhaeghe, Guy The Last Crossing
94 Vassanji, M.G. Nostalgia
95 Wagamese, Richard Indian Horse
96 Winter, Kathleen Annabel
97 Wright, Richard B. Clara Callan
98 Zipp, Steve Yellowknife
99 Brand, Dionne Land to Light On
100 Cohen, Leonard Book of Longing
101 Crozier, Lorna Inventing the Hawk
102 Wah, Fred Waiting for Saskatchewan
103 Bidulka, Anthony Sundowner Ubuntu
104 Blunt, Giles Forty Words for Sorrow
105 Bowen, Gail Joanne Kilbourn series
106 Bradley, Alan The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
107 Chapman, Brenda Butterfly Kills
108 Collier, Deryn Confined Space
109 Delany, Vicki Under Cold Stone
110 Engel, Howard Benny Cooperman series
111 Fradkin, Barbara Fire in the Stars
112 Gordon, Alison Striking Out
113 Gutteridge, Don Dubious Allegiance
114 Hamilton, Ian The Water Rat of Wanchai
115 Harrison, A.S.A. The Silent Wife
116 Jennings, Maureen Beware This Boy
117 Levine, Allan The Blood Libel
118 MacLeod, Charlotte Something in the Water
119 North, Suzanne Healthy, Wealthy & Dead
120 Penny, Louise Ch Inspector Gamache series
121 Renaud, Dawn Rain Dance
122 Robinson, Peter Inspector Banks series
123 Rotenberg, Robert Stray Bullets
124 Waddell, Ian A Thirst to Die For
125 Zaremba, Eve The Butterfly Effect
126 De Lint, Charles The Onion Girl
127 Duncan, Dave The Gilded Chain
128 Gibson, William Neuromancer
129 Green, Terence M. Sailing Time's Ocean
130 Meynard, Yves Chrysanthe
131 Robinson, Spider The Free Lunch
132 Sawyer, Robert J Hominids
133 Wilson, Robert C. Spin
134 Bedini, Dave On a Cold Road
135 Berton, Pierre The Last Spike
136 Broadfoot, Barry The Immigrant Years
137 Dallaire, Roméo A Shake Hands With the Devil
138 Dryden, Ken The Game
139 Emilson, Karen Where Children Run
140 Goldsborough, Gordon Abandoned Manitoba
141 Green, Red How to Do Everything
142 Gretzky, Wayne 99: Stories of the Game
143 Leacock, Stephen Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
144 McGoogan, Kenneth Fatal Passage: The Untold Story of John Rae
145 Mierau, Maurice Detachment: An Adoption Memoir
146 Mowat, Farley Never Cry Wolf
147 Myers, Mike Canada
148 Newman, Peter C Company of Adventurers: Vol 1
149 Siggins, Maggie Revenge of the Land: A Centuryof Greed, Tragedy and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm
150 Stilwell, Bill Manitoba Wild – Scenic Secrets of Manitoba